Help! I’m the Pastor’s Wife!

Lofty expectations.  High ideals.  Friendship barriers.  Leadership insecurities. 

Have you ever dealt with any of these issues as the pastor’s wife?

I have.

Many people have preconceived ideas about who I am long before we formally meet.  Maybe they are intimidated by my husband, or they assume I’m pious.  Whatever the case, sometimes my role as the wife of a pastor causes a few speed bumps on Friendship Lane.

And, let’s talk about leadership.  My husband is not the only one with influence.  As Shawn’s wife, many people look up to me as a spiritual leader, yet I have never attended seminary for formal training, much less tons of conferences or seminars designed to equip me for this role.  I’ve walked the minefield of criticism, staff relationships, loneliness, and yes, even marriage in ministry without much help, and at times, I’ve paid a high price.


But, you don’t have to.

At Velocity 2013, I’m hosting a Pastors’ Wives (PW) Track just for you. “Help! I’m the Pastor’s Wife” will not only give practical tools to help you navigate issues you uniquely face, but will give you the opportunity to connect with tons of other women just like you – women who love the Lord and want to leverage their lives for Him.  Check out what we’re planning:

Christine Hoover, author of The Church Planting Wife: Help and Hope for Her Heart, will share her own battle for joy as a church planting wife, offer biblical hope, encourage those preparing to plant, and help you embrace the unique calling God has given you.

 – Kathy Ferguson Litton, National Consultant for Ministry to Pastors’ Wives at NAMB, will help us discover the Sacred Influence we have in our husband’s (and families’ lives).  We have more power than we realize. God chose US to be wives and moms – let’s stand squarely in the spotlight and lead well!

Trisha Davis, co-author of Beyond Ordinary with her husband, Justin, will tackle the minefield of relationships in ministry.  Since those relationships can be complicated, Trisha will share a four Principles of Relational Leadership for healthy community with those we lead.

– I’ll share Lessons Learned in Ministry.  After 18 years in ministry, 13 in church planting, I’ve learned some critical truths and practical tips for “life in the fishbowl.”  Join me as we pinpoint ways to relish the role we have as Pastor’s wives!

Plus, you’ll get to know TONS of new friends…..friends you can connect with in social media long after you leave Velocity 2013. God will use those friendships to encourage and inspire!

All you need to do is mark your calendar, arrange child care, and REGISTER NOW for Velocity 2013!

Join me Feb 18-19, 2013 for a ministry-changing, heart-healing, friendship-making 2 day event! And, stay tuned.  I’ll upload posts designed just for YOU from now until the conference at….Wednesdays Are For Women!  You’ll hear from all of our speakers each week about topics that relate straight to your heart.

You and your husband matter to me…..and to my husband. Join us at Velocity 2013!

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