Mission Accomplishing

This month marks Mountain Lake Church’s 13th anniversary. 13 years of high’s and low’s.  13 years of struggle and success. 13 years of learning and growing.  And, 13 years of watching God woo people to Himself.  Let me give you a quick overview of our history:

Fall 1999: My husband and I started a small group in our home in Cumming, Ga, and we grew to 25 people.

January 2000: We launched weekly worship services in Sawnee Primary School’s “cafe-atorium.” 185 people showed up! However, 2 winter storms blew in over the next two weeks, forcing us to cancel worship services.  On week 3, 67 people returned, and we were off and running!

September 16, 2001: Knowing we would one day need land and our own building, we launched our first spiritual and stewardship initiative.  70 families  step out in faith to pray, serve, and give toward future property for a church home.

Winter 2001: As we approached 200 in attendance, we were outgrowing classroom space and our tiny “cafe-atorium.”

Winter 2002:  We make the faith filled decision to move 5 miles north to North Forsyth High School, which doubled our rent. We only had $1500 in the bank when the decision was made (yikes!). The week after the move, attendance jumped by 50%!

Fall, 2002:  We purchased the first 9 acres of what is now our 32 acre campus, and began construction on our first phase building.

August, 2003: Grand Opening of first phase building with over 750 people!

Fall 2004: At this point, we were holding two Saturday night services and four Sunday morning services in our 300 seat auditorium!

Spring 2005: Grand Opening of Phase 2 of our campus as we doubled our worship auditorium space!

Winter 2006: We launched chhurchplanters.com, a church-starting ministry and held our first annual conference!

Fall 2006: MLC launches World Care Ministry and became a global leader in caring for the world.

Summer, 2008: We commissioned our first church planters! Over last 5 years, we have helped start five churches that host over 1500 ppl in attendance and have baptized over 400 people.

Aug 9, 2009: We held our Grand Opening for our new auditorium – the coolest place on earth.

May 2011: With growing attendance, we re-launched Saturday night services.

December 16, 2012:  1611th Baptism! While it took us 10 yrs to baptize 1000, it only took us 3 years to baptize over 600! The impact is becoming exponential in nature!

Whew! I’ve lived every one of those moments up close and personal.  There were moments I cried in frustration or fear.  There were days I stood amazed at God’s activity despite my involvement.  And, there were weeks that both my hubby and I hung on for dear life as we just tried to keep up with what God was doing around here.  I’ve often said that if I knew all that would be required of me, I might have shrunk back from God’s call to plant this church.  God has (often) asked me to step out of my comfort zone to lead, speak, teach, trust, obey…..the list goes on.

But, I’m better for it.

I know my God at a deeper level.

And, I know He’s used me…my husband….my family for His purposes.

THAT’S Success!

But, it’s not “mission accomplished.”  It’s mission accomplishing!  2013 is going to be another fantastic year of serving God! Happy Anniversary, Mountain Lake!



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