Tell Me Something Good

tell me something goodThe last few days have been heart-wrenching for our nation.  The school shooting in Connecticut left all of us stunned and heart-broken for the families who needlessly lost people they loved.  There have been other reports of shootings in other states since Friday, too – some with injuries, some without.  Our own community was rocked, as well, as one of our local high school students was killed in a horrible car accident last week.

For the last week, I have experienced a heaviness in my heart as I witnessed these things.  Our ministry team at Mountain Lake sensed it, too.  The crowds at church on Saturday night (fyi, we have Saturday and Sunday services) were quiet….the feeling of heaviness was almost tangible.  News reports, radio updates, Facebook, and Twitter have inundated us with images of loss and pain, and I think we all empathize with those who are hurting.  I, for one, have read and listened.  I want to know what’s happening.  Some part of me wants to know the details of these unimaginable events.  I’ve prayed.  And, I’ve secretly hesitated to send my own kids to school today.

But, today I want to hear something good.  I want to be reminded of the goodness of humanity.  I want to smile at the generosity of people.  I want to laugh.

So, tell me something GOOD!!

I’ll go first: yesterday, my son, Paul, was baptized.  He’s the last Lovejoy in our family to go public with his faith, and we are one happy family.

What about you?  What good thing have you done? What good thing is happening in your life?  What warmed your heart lately?  What made you smile?

Help me out, friends….TELL  ME SOMETHING GOOD!

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14 thoughts on “Tell Me Something Good

  1. bleisath1158 says:

    Loved seeing Paul baptized! That also brought tears but of JOY! I came into my office this morning, and saw wrapped gifts for kids on my caseload…they will have a great Christmas!!


  2. Kathy Wade says:

    My dad is getting ready to retire after 50 years as a family practice doctor in my little hometown of Charlevoix, Michigan. I am so proud of him. He is loved by the whole community and a man of God.


  3. Tricia,

    More GOD = More GOOD; Less God = Less Good.

    Celebrating with you regarding your son’s baptism. Salvation is the greatest gift!

    I’m writing my first book, “The Bible in 7 Pieces” and God willing, it will be completed in the next few months. It’s been an amazing journey.

    My husband and I both had a little gift from God last week. William went out early in the morning and saw a shooting star. I asked God to show me a shooting star too and about 30 minutes later I saw one too! God is so awesome! Ask and you shall receive.

    Have a Victorious Day!


  4. Collins, Shelley A. says:


    We found a Big Wheel for one of the family members in the Kare for Kids program. It lightens my heart to think of his face on Christmas morning. He is five years old ☺




  5. Toby Jenkins says:


    My good news happened last week and I posted it on Facebook. In case you missed it, here it is:

    I babysit for some kids every week whose parents go to Mountain Lake Church in Cumming, GA. They range in age from 2-10 and they totally impressed me Wednesday night. Out of the blue one of the kids said “Want to talk about Jesus?” and the others chimed in with things they know about Jesus. From the older ones knowing about the circumstances surrounding His birth (including the gifts the wise men brought) to the younger ones who broke out in song with “Happy Birthday to Jesus”. Their parents are to be commended for taking their kids to church and teaching them the real reason for the season! I love these kids and Mountain Lake Church.

    Toby Jenkins.


  6. Bridgett says:

    Seeing my oldest daughter want to give part of the budget we had set for her gifts to buy Christmas gifts for a friend and her family so they can have Christmas, not just her friend but the entire family. Really warmed my heart to see her so generous when she is at an age of “me”.


  7. Dale Green says:

    Something Good. Christmas Eve service at Mountain Lake. I was in awe when I looked around and realized everyone couldn’t get in. Standing room only. What a great testament to God and what he is dong in our church. It was incredible!!!

    Also, a shout out to all that we’re involved in tonight’s production. Shawn’s story was perfect and Todd and the band were amazing. I’ve watched Todd and the band closely for over year. They continue grow and get better and better every week. The leave me speechless. When I think it can’t get any better, they amaze me again. Please let Shawn, Todd and the rest of the band know how much they are appreciated.

    Tonight was awesome!!


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