Yesterday’s Lessons Learned

A quick review of my day yesterday taught me a few lessons.

1.  It’s probably a good idea to take a quick look in the mirror before taking the kids to school just in case I have to walk them inside for some reason.  Putting on shoes would be an even better one.

2.  I can multitask like no other.  I gave medical advice to a friend, edited a magazine article, and shopped for sweater leggings (thanks, Facebook friends!) all while watching The View.  (Yes, I watch The View.  I feel it’s my duty to keep up with pop culture.  That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.)

3.  Chopped cucumbers and carrots are divine when sprinkled with Feta cheese and Salad Toppins and drizzled with Italian dressing.  (If you are taking notes, you’ll realize that my recipe is actually a salad minus the lettuce.  I need to go grocery shopping, and I’m trying to keep a positive outlook.)

4.  Wearing workout clothes doesn’t give the same benefit of actually doing the workout.

5.  My Facebook posts about fashion garner more comments than my posts about parenting. Not sure if that is an indictment on my parenting or my fashion.

6.  And, finally, Pinterest is more than a silly time-waster. My Creamy Italian Crock Pot Chicken actually turned out pretty good.  Thanks, Pinterest, for the kitchen help.

There you have it – the lessons I learned on Wednesday.  Hope you have a great Thursday!

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