Black Friday Fun

I was one of those crazy people shopping in the wee morning hours of Black Friday.  Not as crazy as the people who were shopping at midnight, but crazy enough.  So were my two daughters.  Our “crazy” was marked by our willingness to leave the North Georgia mountains (where my family was vacationing) early enough to be in town by 6AM.  Truthfully, I would have slept in, but my girls wanted to be out in the thick of it, so off we went.

We hit Old Navy, Kohl’s, Target, Walmart, Gap, Justice, and Bath and Body Works.  The girls bought gifts for their brother and me (woohoo!).  I bought clothes for the girls and a few toys for Paul.  I didn’t find any deals that were ahhhmazing, though.  But, honestly, I didn’t scour the Black Friday ads like I normally do.  It seems newspapers aren’t delivered to secluded cabins in the woods.

So, I’m wondering what deals you scored last Friday? Or, for you tech savvies, on Cyber Monday?  Tell me, what did I miss?


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