A Cabin In the Woods

When I was in school things were different.  We only got a 3-day Thanksgiving break: Wednesday, Turkey-day, and Friday. My kids live in such a different world.  They get an entire week off.  If you include the weekends before and after, they get a full 9 days out of school!  That’s the bomb!

So, we took full advantage of the break from our normal routine and planned a mountain getaway.  We stayed in a friend’s cabin, nestled deep in the woods, far away from the hustle and bustle of deadlines, projects, chores, and responsibilities.  Ahhhh….

So, want to know what the Lovejoy’s did last week? Here you go (insert deep breath):

Read magazines while overlooking the mountains, hiked to the creek, ate chili dogs, made s’mores by a campfire, enjoyed an awesome date with Shawn, watched the sunrise while I sat in a hot tub, shot guns in the woods (yes, I can take down an intruder, if necessary), took pictures beside a gorgeous waterfall, grilled out, played ping-pong and air hockey, beat my daughter at Nertz, took in a game of Putt Putt, and sat outside watching the leaves fall.

Let me say once more, ahhhhhh……

We had a beautifully relaxing time.  Best of all, when we came home, I simply had to plug-in my Christmas lights because I was smart enough to decorate before we left on vacation.  I know.  Smart.

You may be wondering at my lack of a mention of turkey.  After all, it was a Thanksgiving vacation, right?  Well, don’t balk, but we didn’t roast a turkey.  We grilled amazing steaks and light, fluffy baked potatoes.  While the rest of America was scrubbing roasting pans and hand washing fine china, the Lovejoy’s were shooting BB guns and making Christmas lists.  I know.  Again, smart.

That’s what we did on our Thanksgiving vacation.  Of course, there are things I didn’t mention, like Black Friday shopping confrontations and rescuing my kids from mountain monsters, but then again, I don’t tell you guys everything.

So, what did you do over the Thanksgiving break? Stay home or travel? Rest or work? Shop from home or join the manic crowds in the stores? Whatever you did, I hope you had a wonderful holiday!



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