Halloween – Zombie Style

Happy Halloween, friends! Since we just wrapped an incredible teaching series at Mountain Lake called, “Help! I’m A Spiritual Zombie,” there was really no other option for Halloween costumes for my family than, you guessed it, zombies.

We’ve attended 3 parties this month looking like this:

My youngest two kids even got in on the action:

Obviously, gone are the days of sugary sweet, innocent costumes.  But, after donning this look 3 times I can’t express how sick I am of looking gross.  My head itches from that crazy wig (someone thought it was my own hair! No, you crazy person!!), and I shock myself each time I catch my reflection in a mirror.  Next year, I’m going to be in charge of the Lovejoy costumes so I can be something that requires a little less gunk and a little more style.

Maybe we’ll be super heroes.  Shawn can be The Hulk, I can be Super Girl (fitting, I think), Hannah can be Cat Woman, Madison can be Bat Girl, and Paul can be Captain America. Yep, that could be fun and require no gooky makeup.

Or, how about a food theme?  I could be a Coke bottle (everyone loves a coke, right?), Hannah could be a bag of chips, Madison and Paul could be mustard and ketchup bottles, and you guessed it, Shawn could be a hot dog.  (I don’t really think my fam will go for this one, but it makes me laugh to think of Shawn in that costume.)

So, what are YOU dressing as this Halloween? Whatever it is, have fun and make some memories.  I’ll be wiping the green gook off my face and scratching my head.  Some memories shouldn’t be made. 😉


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