Chocolate, vegetables, and November 6th

With the Presidential election looming, TV commercials and road signs are inundating all of us with political rhetoric. But, it seems we adults aren’t the only one paying attention.

Yesterday, my two youngest kids (Madison, 9 and Paul, 8) told me that their school is holding a mock election in which the students will cast their votes for President. Our conversation went like this:

Madison: “I don’t know who to vote for.”

Me: “Well, what have the teachers been teaching you about the candidates?”

Madison (with exasperation): “Nothing! So I don’t have a clue what to do!”

Paul: “I know who I’m voting for.”

Me: “Oh, really? Who?”

Paul: “Romney.”

Me: “Why are you voting for Romney?”

Paul: “You know Obama’s wife? Well, she changed Cookie Monster to Veggie Monster. That’s not cool. So, I’m voting for Romney.”

So, there you have it folks. Romney wins on the basis of chocolate chip cookies. Hopefully, you’ve given more consideration to November 6th than my son, but we should all follow his lead and be prepared to vote. It’s one of our greatest privileges as Americans. See you at the polls!


2 thoughts on “Chocolate, vegetables, and November 6th

  1. Tricia,

    Cute story! I recently posted a blog entitiled “How Christians Should Vote” and encouraged people to vote for the most Godly leader. The Judges and Kings of Israel either led the people into trouble or into blessing depending on their obedience to God. We see the same thing in America — ALL Americans suffer when our leaders make ungodly decisions.

    I recommended that people look at the charitable giving record of the candidates — not just the amounts, but what organizations are being supported. We put our money into things we really care about.

    Have a Victorious Day!


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