The Day I Got In Trouble

I should have done it 2 years ago.

I was instructed to do it.

But, alas, fear held me back.

Two years ago, I sat in my doctor’s office and nodded my head as she hand me an order form for a mammogram and told me to call the number and schedule an appointment.  If you know me, you know that I don’t like doctors.  (Ok, that’s going a little far.  I like doctors just fine.  It’s their equipment I have issues with.) So when my doc put me in charge of scheduling my own appointment for a mammogram, my head nodded “yes” even though I knew my fingers would never dial the number.

Why? Because I was scared!  Squished.  Smooshed.  Bruised. Pain. Discomfort. These are some of the words I’d heard associated with mammograms.  Let’s just say you had me at squished.  No part of me (literally) wanted to experience that.  Not to mention I was convinced they would find some reason to use a needle on me….one of my most hated things.

My mammogram appointment wasn’t in response to a questionable exam, so I shouldn’t have had so much resistance.  It was simply time to have my first baseline mammogram.  Easy, peezy, right? Not for me.  I was too scared to make the call.

Then, last week I saw my doctor again.  With the same look I give my children when they haven’t done what I’ve told them to do, she stated, “Well, I see you never had that mammogram.”


I felt sheepish….and a little embarrassed.  And, after her scolding look, I promised to make the call.  As a matter of fact she made me promise to schedule the appointment before I even left her office.  Which I did.

So, yesterday was the big day.

No needles! No pain! Not even what I would call uncomfortable!  And, it was over in about 10 minutes!  The nurses were super friendly and funny, putting my nervous little self at ease.  I handled myself so well that I’m sure I was their best patient of the day – a title I’ve never been given, for sure.

Friends, if you are like me and feel squeamish about exams and doctors and their horrible equipment, take it from me: this is one exam that we can breeze through.  Grab a friend for support if you must, and get your mammogram!  Easy, peezey, for sure!



4 thoughts on “The Day I Got In Trouble

  1. I did have a questionable report about two years ago. I waited 7 months to go. After my husband discovering I never went … I also was busted. I was scared and cold (I HATE to be cold).
    BUT the exam and squishing wasn’t near what I thought it was gonna be.
    AND it put my mind at ease to find out what the bump/lump was that was bothering me.
    DO IT LADIES! It’s not that bad!


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