Celebrating What Matters

Around here, we like a good celebration.  A birthday, an anniversary, the first day of summer, the kickoff of college football, the debut of a good book, a fun holiday,….heck, if there’s a possibility of yummy food or a gift, we’ll throw a party! My family loves to celebrate.

Right now, I’m celebrating the return of my hubby and my oldest daughter from Tanzania.  They’ve been gone for 9 days, and I’m anxious for their plane to land today.  I’m sure they’ll have pictures to share and stories to tell, and I can’t wait to get wrapped up in their experiences.  So, I’m making some yummy food (ok, if you know me, you know that means I’m “breaking and baking” some cookies) and planning a little welcome home party.

But, I have something else to celebrate today, too! My middle daughter, Madison was baptized a year ago today. So, we’ll go out for ice cream (Cold Stone Creamery, Chocolate Peanut Butter Perfection, please), and we’ll chat with Madison about lots of things:

– what she’s learning about God

– how she is helping others learn about God, too

– ways she can make God smile

– and how it makes her feel to know God loves her so very much

We’ll even dive into some goals for this year:

– spending time with God

– inviting friends to church

– and, learning to choose God’s responses, rather than her own (something ALL OF US need work on!)

So, this week my family is celebrating what matters.  Family and Jesus.  It doesn’t get much better than that, does it?  Bring on the chocolate! It’s party time!


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