A Day in the Life….

Do you remember this post?  Yep, I struggle sometimes to recognize an acquaintance, especially if I don’t have regular contact with him or her.  Hey, it’s just more proof that I’m not perfect (as if we needed more)! 

Well, apparently faces aren’t the only thing I struggle to remember.  Names can sometimes get the best of me, too.

This week I had a doctor’s appoint.  I met with a Physician’s Assistant (PA) named A.J.  Here is how our conversation went:

PA: “Good morning, Tricia.  How are you today?”

Me: “Great, AJ.  How about you?”

(small talk ensues for a minute or two)

PA: (Scribbles something on a piece of paper and hands it to me) “I don’t want you to feel bad about this, but my name is actually H.J.  See?”

Me: “Oh, my goodness, I’m so sorry I’ve been calling you by the wrong name.”

PA: “Honest mistake….HJ and AJ sound very much alike.  Just wanted you to know my name.”

(the appointment continues, which involves doctor stuff that I hate…..leaving me just a little discombobulated.  Yes, I just used that word.  It’s very fun to type it out.)

PA: “Ok, Tricia, we’re done.  I’ll meet you at the front desk.”

Me: “Good.  Thanks so much, H.A.”

PA: (looking a little exasperated) “My name is HJ!”

Me: (looking a little exasperated, too) “Ok, I’m just going to call you Sam.”

PA: (laughs out loud): “Works for me.”

So, apparently I now have problems remembering faces AND names.  My senior citizen years are not looking good.  If this is life at 41, I might be in trouble.  Oh, well.  Might as well laugh about it, right?  I mean, why not have fun at my own expense….and maybe someone else’s, too.

So, as I left the doctor’s office, I wanted to wish HJ a good day.  “Have a good one, Fred,” I called out to him.

Yeah, I enjoyed that.



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