Road Trip Retreat

Today, I’m leaving on a road trip. The hubby and kids are staying at home, and I’m hopping on a plane (or two) bound for Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  I’ve saved some extra money, packed my bags, arranged for extra help with the kids while I’m away, and rearranged my schedule.

Why, you ask? To join all the other fabulous Pastors’ wives and women in ministry who will attend the Leading And Loving It Retreat! Getting out of my regular routine long enough to connect with some like-minded friends is refreshing, energizing, and just plain fun.  We’ll stay up way too late, swap ideas, learn from each other, but most importantly, deepen our friendships.

I need those ladies.  Really.  I need some women in my life who can sharpen me, challenge me, laugh with me, and love me. Just as importantly, they need me.  God has given all of us gifts, personalities, and strengths that can benefit each other.  We NEED each other!

But, this road trip isn’t the only time I pull away to invest into friends….and be invested into.  Nope.  I’m pretty strategic about spending time with a few key people in my life.  I plan time each month for coffee with 5-6 close friends, I schedule a monthly mentoring relationship for 9 months out of the year, and I am committed to my weekly Life Group friends.  I’m committed to knowing and loving these people.  No matter how busy my life gets, I make time to spend with them.

I can remember a time in my life when I craved just one close friendship.  As a stay at home mom, my time was dominated by kids, and I desperately needed adult time, but I felt isolated in many ways.  Maybe my position lended to the notion of feeling isolated.  As a pastor’s wife, many people knew who I was but very few were intimately involved in my life.  At that point, I made a decision to be proactive in building friendships.

The old adage is true: to have a friend, you must be a friend. At Mountain Lake, we just started a teaching series called Entourage, and it’s all about the importance of and our need for friendships. Check it out.

So, who are you being a friend to? How are you investing into someone else’s life? Who are you inviting into your private life? You don’t have to take a road trip to find a friend.  Pick up the phone and plan a coffee date with someone. With time and consistency, you just might discover the friendship you’ve always wanted.

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    I will be praying for you to have a wonderful time. See you when you get back.

    Sheryl A. Kennedy 404-660-2370 Angels on Call, Inc.

    Angels on Call, Inc. Malawi



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