What’s Next on SharpenHer?

Ok, SharpenHer is back in full force! I missed connecting with all of you over the summer break, and I’m so ready to hear from you!

So, I’m busy writing posts and planning future ones.  That’s where YOU come in!

What topics would you like to read about here at SharpenHer?  Do you have questions for me?  Is there a subject you secretly wish someone would talk about? The sky is the limit! Ministry, marriage, parenting, friendships, faith,…..what is on your mind?

Lend me a helping hand and give me some topics that you want to read about.  Not what you think everyone else needs to hear, mind you.  I want to know what YOU want to read about…..and talk about!

Do you have an idea for SharpenHer? Leave a comment below, on my FB page, at Twitter, or shoot me a private email.

Then, be on the lookout for a post just for you!  Talk soon, friends!


7 thoughts on “What’s Next on SharpenHer?

  1. Hey Tricia! I have a few ideas…

    – What regular spiritual disciplines/ structures/ habits do you put in place that help nourish your relationship with God? What do your quiet times look like?
    – It’s often said that as a Pastors wife, you’re loved by many in your congregation, but known closely by very few. How do you manage your friendships? Do you have an “inner circle”?
    – Do you have a mentor? If so, how did you go about finding her and initiating that relationship?
    – After being a christian for most of your life, how do you make sure that you’re increasing in faith, in love, in generosity, in holiness and not just cruising along?
    – What would you have loved to have known when you’d started out in ministry or as a pastors wife? What advice could you give to people new to ministry?
    – What do you do to recharge and re-energise yourself?
    – How do you ensure that “Tricia the woman in ministry and pastors wife” don’t take over “Tricia the child of God”? What are your boundaries around church life and family life?
    – What are some of the most helpful and challenging books you’ve read?
    – How can we girls who read your blog serve you or pray for you?

    When I started typing this list, I didn’t intend for it be this long! Call me nosy (or needy…!)

    I’ve been working on staff at my church for a year alongside my husband and we’ve just been asked to lead our churches multisite so all your blogs and wisdom have helped shape and sharpen me over the last year immensely! Thank you for all the energy you put into it,

    Love Heather

    P.S. We have the same anniversary! Yesterday was Ben and my first anniversary, August 27th was obviously a great day to get married!


    • Heather, such great ideas! I’ll put every one of them to good use, for sure. I’m honored to have played a small part in giving you ideas as you lead in your church, too. And, happy anniversary to you and Ben. I hope you guys had a fabulous day!! 🙂


      • Hey Tiffany, thanks for replying! I realise re-reading that post that I sounded like a toddler asking a million questions… but dabble in and out of them as you fancy, one or two of the questions may inspire you! Looking forward to reading lots of lovely new posts from you 🙂


  2. Kathy Deuman says:

    Im always interested in others book choices, what you do for fun or to de-stress, and how you keep school schedules- church schede- home life spinning all at once!

    Love your blog! Found it through L&LI


  3. Lisa Rowell says:


    I’m always looking for more practical ideas on imbedding God into our young daughters’ daily routines and rituals. Christians so often think they have to “get it right” before they can lead others into a relationship with Jesus. If we wait, until we “get it right” with our children, well…we will be waiting a long time. *Smile* With our children, so many of us seem to stumble or struggle with the words to explain the breadth and depth of God’s love in a tangible way to a toddler, preschooler, or even an older child. I’d love to hear your insight.


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