Sharpening Relationships

My friend, Melissa, and I only see each other once a month at the local Barnes and Noble coffee shop.

We’re not reading books or skimming magazines.  (Although I must admit I’m wondering if Brad and Angelina are going to finally tie the knot.  I’m sure at least one of the magazines in that store would shed light on the subject. But, I digress.)

Melissa and I are talking.  We’re asking each other questions.  We’re getting honest with each other.

You see, last Spring, Melissa, a Pastor’s wife from another city, asked if I might mentor her. I loved Melissa’s drive and ambition, and her zeal for ministry and family.  So, I jumped at the opportunity. For the next 10 months, we’ll talk about spiritual growth, family life, marriage, leadership, church work, influence, and discovering how to stretch our skills and increase our faith.

In short, we’ll sharpen each other.

But, here’s the catch: our time together will only be as good as our willingness to be honest with each other.  If either of us refuses to open our lives wide to the other, we’ll simple waste our time.  If we puff ourselves, rather than admit our struggles, we’ll never find ways to overcome our limitations.  Make sense?  In order to make our time truly profitable, we must choose to be honest about who we are and what we do.

Over my years of ministry, I’ve seen way too many people fail, and all of those people had one thing in common: they hid their private lives from everyone.  They never allowed anyone to see who they really were or question how they spent their time.

Do you want a hedge of protection around your life?  Find a friend to confide into.  Ask someone to mentor you.  Share yourself with someone you trust.  Allow them to challenge you to make changes in your life.  Or, maybe, you have a few friends who desperately need to be challenged.  Maybe you need to approach them and ask if they would like to begin meeting with you to chat about life.  What could God do in those meetings to guard, guide, and protect?  I think you know the answer to that.

Relationships like that make us better.  Better parents.  Better spouses.  Better friends.  Better followers of God.

Who are you making better?  Who is making you better?



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