Sunday Summaries: The Voice

I love watching all the singing competitions on TV.  Watching contestants chase their dreams – and sometimes have them dashed – makes for some good entertainment.

Lately, I’ve enjoyed them even more because I’ve known a few people who not only tried out for the shows, but made it pretty far.  Call it Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon if you want, but I feel like I know Blake Shelton now.  And, Adam Levine is a personal friend.  Kind of.

At Mountain Lake we’re having a little fun with a teaching series called The Voice. No, we’re not holding a talent contest, although I might have a decent amount of fun listening to amateurs who think they’re Bono.  We’re actually talking about THE Voice: hearing what God says to us.

In a world where people often do what feels good or seems right, followers of God must know the difference between our own desires and the will of God.  So, how do we know the difference? How can we know what God wants us to do….the decisions He wants us to make…..the paths He wants us to travel?

We listen to God.

This weekend at MLC, my hubby shared the ways in which we hear the voice of God.  Intrigued? You should be.  God definitely speaks…..He speaks to me consistently.  He is LOUD in my life.  Often.

If you need to hear from God, click here to watch the message and learn how God can be LOUD in your life, too. You’ll gain some extremely practical steps for hearing and understanding The Voice.

There’s absolutely no one else you need to hear from more.  Listen.



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