Summer Beauty Must-Have’s

Summer is here!  Ok, it doesn’t officially start until June, but school ends this Friday and it’s HOT outside, so I’m declaring the start of my favorite season.  There’s nothing I don’t love about this time of year: blooming flowers, the smell of freshly cut grass, sunset at 9PM, my family is home, shorts, and tanned skin.  That last one could be my personal favorite since I think everyone looks better with a little color.  (with SPF 45, of course!)

But, a tan is only one of my summer-time beauty secrets – or not-so-secrets.  I have a few other tricks up my sleeveless shirt.  I bet you do, too.  So, today I want to hear from you! What are YOUR summer beauty secrets?

I’ll get you started.  Here are a few of my personal fav’s:

The Mr. Pumice bar is a must-have.  Rough heels and callouses are a thing of the past.  And, the Heel to Toe Foot Softener keeps my feet flip-flop ready.

Bright, bold colors make me happy this time of year, so I usually have my nails painted in something eye-catching.  But, I can’t stand how easily a manicure can chip.  Not anymore.  With Revlon Color Stay, my polish stays put for up to 10 days.  (Yes, I said 10 days.)  I even use the Color Stay Top Coat with other brands of polish.  Works great!

One more.  I use Jergen’s Natural Glow Face Moisturizer daily.  With SPF 20, it keeps my face hydrated with sun protection, but since it has a tint, I get the glow I love.

Your turn.  What tricks are in your summer beauty bag?


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