Sunday Summaries: Leave a Legacy Weekend

This weekend, my church wrapped up our Legacy teaching series by coming together as a family to give a generous offering to accomplish some incredible goals.

It’s our way of leaving a legacy.  A legacy that will tell our friends, our children, and our community what – and Who – really matters to us.

I’ll be honest, though.  Giving an offering like that isn’t always easy.  I’m tempted to think of all the other ways I could spend money – a coat of paint on my house, a car, or a Mac – rather than how I might use money toward things with much more eternal value.  That’s why I think it’s important to get perspective on our lives….God’s perspective.

A quick look over my life reveals that God has lavished His love on me.  He has revealed Himself to me time and time again.  He has given my life purpose and fulfillment.  He has protected me, provided for me, and brought pleasure to my life.

But, I don’t serve God for what He does for me.  I serve God for WHO He is.

He is faithful. He is trustworthy.  He is good.  He is righteous.  He is love.  He is my Savior.

When I consider who God is and what He does, well, I am compelled to bless Him with my time, my service, my money, and my obedience.  And, more importantly, I gain a new perspective on my life….and what really matters.

So, I give.  I leave an eternal legacy.  And, I bless God.

There’s no better way to live.

Click here to watch the entire message for yourself.

What about you?  As a Believer, how can you thank God today for all that He has done for you?  Why not take some time to walk down memory lane with Him.  You just might find a new perspective on your life, too.


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