Sunday Summaries: Legacy

The story of Abraham and Sarah is a classic.  Countless lessons, children’s songs, and sermons have been gleaned from the book of Genesis about this man and his family.

My favorite part of their story is when God paints a picture of their future, complete with phrases like “great nation” and “blessing” and “your name will be great.”  Of course, all those promises were conditional on Abraham’s and Sarah’s obedience.

So, what did they have to do to gain such greatness?  Oh, nothing really.  Just let go.

Let go of their family and move to….well, God didn’t really spell that one out for them.

Let go of familiar surroundings.  Moving from day to day had its fair share of stresses.

Let go of control.  Not knowing what tomorrow held probably left them feeling helpless at times.

Yeah, just let go.  No big deal.

Wait.  That IS a big deal.  I struggle to “let go” every day!  Letting go of my agenda, my schedule, my way of doing things, and my time is no easy feat.  Letting go of my wallet is taxing, too.  As a matter of fact, letting go is difficult in tons of areas.

What would have happened to Abraham and Sarah if they had not released control of their lives to God?  If they had not let go?  What if they valued their family, their house, their stuff, or their time more than they valued God?  Thankfully, Abraham and Sarah did obey.  Because they obeyed and didn’t withhold their best, God kept His promise to bless “all peoples on earth.”

That’s the transferable principle: Legacy is conditional on obedience.

What legacy are you leaving? Watch this weekend’s message from my hubby and discover how you might get involved in what God is doing right here at MLC and leave mind-blowing legacy! Have a great Monday!



One thought on “Sunday Summaries: Legacy

  1. ginger327 says:

    This is perfect timing! I am going to be a guest speaker for our church on Mother’s Day weekend for a new series on finding your Identity (based on the book of Ruth). I have been preparing my little talk and needed something to pull it all together and this post just fits. We too have been on quite a journey moving from West Texas to the coast of Southern California. As you can imagine, it has been difficult leaving my home-town of 38 years and all of our family, familiarity, comfort, etc… It has been hard leaving everything behind but I am so grateful for God’s promise of protection, direction, and peace He has provided for us along our journey of Faith.

    Thanks for your leading and words of encouragement to this Southern California girl! (But will always be a Texan) 🙂


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