Sunday Summaries: Scars

Scars. Emotional. Relational. Spiritual.

We all have them.

We’ve all experienced failure, loss, and disappointment.

We’ve all messed up and experienced the hurt that follows.

We all have scars.

This weekend at Mountain Lake Church, we heard the story of Peter, a man with a few scars of his own.  Maybe you know his story.  When the chips were down and Peter had the opportunity to stand shoulder to shoulder with Jesus, Peter denied he even knew Jesus.  What??!!  Wasn’t this the same guy who professed undying love and loyalty to Jesus?  Yep.  Peter failed in an epic way for all the world to see.  He probably felt all the emotions you and I feel when we’ve fallen flat on our face – shame, regret, guilt, loneliness, and yes, he probably wondered if Jesus would still love him, let alone allow him back into His inner circle.

Can you relate to Peter?  Have you experienced an epic failure that made you feel like the church would cave in if you walked through the doors?  Have you been the focus of the water cooler talk?  Have you wondered if God would let you back in His inner circle? If so, you definitely relate to Peter.

You know what I love most about our God? He knows exactly who we are and what we’ve done (and what we’ll do in the future), and He treasures us anyway.  As a matter of fact, that’s what Easter is all about – Jesus paid the ultimate price to confirm His love for us….for people who have messed up…..for people with scars of regret, failure, and fractured relationships.  Read John 21 to see how Jesus confirmed His love for Peter, but what is most important is not HOW Jesus confirmed His love for him, but that He DID confirm His love.

Jesus loved Peter in spite of his failure, and Jesus will do the same for you and me.  Sometimes we have a hard time believing that, but Scripture is clear.  Jesus loves hurting, messed up people.  THAT’S good news!

Click here to watch the entire message from this weekend, and stick with us as we continue this teaching series.  I have a feeling God has a lot to teach us!


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