Shutting The Doors For Jesus

I was talking to my insurance agent this week when he told me he had just received the Up In Cumming magazine in his office mailbox.  If you read my post yesterday then you know what he read.

He told me that he read the article and then made the decision to close his office yesterday, Good Friday.  His reason?  He wanted to focus on God….to show his Lord how thankful he is for salvation.  So, he closed the office doors.  No sales.  No phone calls.  But lots of time to focus on God.

I have to admit, I still get excited when I hear that someone has made a decision based on something I’ve said.  Not because I’ve said it, but because I know God has used me.  GOD HAS USED ME!  That’s incredible….every time.  After 18 years in ministry, I still revel in watching people draw closer to God.  Whether it’s salvation or simply tackling a minor character adjustment, I want people to know God better because they’ve spent a little time with me.

Listening to my friend got me thinking.  What if all of us made a decision like that?  What if those of us who call ourselves Christians found a very specific way to show God our gratitude for the grand gift of salvation….for the sacrifice He made…..for the unconditional, unbelievable love He gives?

What would that look like for you?  How could you show God a thankful heart this Easter?

Maybe, like me, you’ll be inspired by the story of my insurance agent and find your own way to show God your thankful heart.

Happy Easter, friends!


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