Wednesdays Are For Women: Yogurt, Yelling, and Imperfection

Pastors’ wives (PW) and women in ministry are incredible sources of wisdom and creativity as they use their gifts in leadership and service. I highly value their insight, faithfulness, and diligent labor. That’s why I’m hosting Wednesdays Are for Women. Each week, we’ll hear from a different PW or ministry leader and gain her perspective on God’s activity on her ministry team, her local church, or the issues facing church leaders today.

Today, we’ll hear from Sarah Keller of Next Level Church in Fort Myers, Fl.

Yogurt, Yelling and Imperfection

Last weekend I had some errands to run at one of our beautiful outdoor malls here in Southwest Florida.  This sounds like a dream, but not necessarily for my two boys (11 & 8) who had to come with me.  So, I did what any good Mom would do and encouraged them to behave well, so that our day could end with “Yogurt Mountain.”

Now, you must know that I have great kids, but wow…they can get on each other’s nerves like no other!  So, after waiting at the Apple store for the “Genius” and smelling candles in “Bath & Body Works,” they were over each other.  My youngest son embarrassed my oldest; in turn my oldest called my youngest a name.  Youngest gets feelings hurt, elbowing ensues, you know how it goes. Let’s just say it didn’t end pretty.  I walked out of the store hoping for an apology from them which would keep our hopes of Yogurt Mountain alive. That, however, did not happen and let’s just say…we did NOT go to Yogurt Mountain. I’m sure you can relate, ladies!

To be honest, it was a hard decision to make.  I wanted them to behave.  I wanted them to make the right decisions.  I wanted them to see the error of their ways, own up to it so we could all be happy. I wanted to reward them. Not to mention, I wanted the white chocolate moose, hot fudge & the little tiny peanuts! J I wanted it to be easy and perfect.

But instead of treating ourselves to frozen yogurt and enjoying the beautiful day, our entire ride home was consumed with a lesson in “behavior” and how Mom was not going to reward them for their inappropriate conduct.  The discussion got pretty heated and at one point my oldest son said, “Mom, you just expect us to be perfect!”  I replied back, “No I don’t expect you to be perfect, I just want you to do the best with what you know and I know that you can do better!”

A few days later, I felt God speaking to me about changing some things in my own life.  I suddenly found myself struggling with feelings of imperfection. I had the same thought my kids did a few days earlier, “God, do you know what you’re asking me to do?”  The enemy instantly bombarded me with thoughts like, “You’re such a failure for not having this figured out already.”  In an instant I had immediately jumped to the incorrect conclusion that God was asking me to be perfect!

Then God reminded me of the car ride with my kids and I heard Him gently reminding me, “Sarah, I’m not asking you to be perfect.  You know what you should do.  I’m asking you to do better.”

So, let me encourage you today… God doesn’t expect us to be perfect.  He simply asks us to do the best with what we have, and be willing to grow through it. It’s a lesson I’m teaching my kids, and I’m learning myself as well. And if I can make any progress at it, I might just reward myself with some frozen yogurt. Don’t tell my kids! J

About Sarah: 

Sarah is married to Matt Keller, pastor of Next Level Church in Fort Myers, Fl.  She also offers valuable coaching at Connect with her on Twitter: and Facebook:


One thought on “Wednesdays Are For Women: Yogurt, Yelling, and Imperfection

  1. I love this, came across it on twitter, and I think I will post this message to my bulletin board. I have spent a good part of the week berating myself for failures. I am in love with seeing God as a parent figure and I am so thankful the Bible provides us with such relevant familial language.


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