Sunday Summaries: Counterfeit Goods

At Mountain Lake we’re finishing a teaching series called Counterfeit Goods.  Our working definition has been that a “counterfeit good” is anything that we use to attain the fulfillment that only God can give.

Like, for instance, religion.

What??!!  Yep, I said religion.  Think about it.  If you are a Christian, have you ever felt more acceptable to God when you are doing “good” things?  Like going to church, singing in the choir, or serving in some tangible way?  Or, maybe you’ve thought you were more acceptable because of what you DON’T do.  Like sporting a tattoo or drinking a glass of wine. For many people, religion has become a practical list of do’s and don’ts designed to make us feel better about God’s approval of us.

What are we doing when we entertain those thoughts?  We are attempting to gain God’s favor with our actions….to be fulfilled in our faith by what we do.

But, watch out!  Our actions don’t earn us favor with God.  Only the blood of Jesus does.

Did you catch that?  JESUS IS ENOUGH!

We don’t have to work for His love.  We don’t have to look for success, fulfillment, or achievement in any other person or thing.  Jesus is enough.

Do you need to hear more? Click here to watch this weekend’s service.  And, remember, don’t equate your ability to keep God’s commands with His love for you.  He died BECAUSE He knew you couldn’t keep all those commands.  Rest in the peace of His love, my friend.

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