Sunday Summaries: Counterfeit Goods, The Idol of More

More.  We all want more.  More stuff.  More money.  More time.

I’m no different.  I want more, too.  I want drapes for my house and a fresh coat of paint.  I want more money to set aside for retirement.  And, I want a Mac.  Since I just got an iPad, I can mark that one off the list….until the next generation comes out.

But, you know what? I already have MORE.  I have tons of techy gadgets.  I have plenty of home decorations.  And, my current computer meets my needs.  It doesn’t matter.  I still want more.  Do you know relate at all?

I think you do.  I live in your neighborhood.  I see you at church.  I see you in the checkout lines.  You want more, too.

For some of us, though, the desire for “more” isn’t just an outlet for fun.  It has become a driving force in our lives.  We assume the house on the lake or the cabin in the mountains will provide the rest we crave.  We assume the promotion at work will provide the financial security we need.  We assume the perfect body, the award-winning yard, the next big thing will give us the identity, the security, or the satisfaction we want.

When that happens, we’ve got a problem.  You see, when we expect our possessions to provide the fulfillment that only God can deliver, we find ourselves running in circles.  Constantly wanting more, hoping to find happiness in the created, rather than the Creator.

So, how do we know when we’ve crossed the line?  How do we know when our desire for “more” has become an idol in our lives?

It’s simple.  When our desire for more hinders us from having a rich relationship with God, we’ve crossed the line.

If you crave identity, security, fulfillment….if you crave love, peace, acceptance……if you crave happiness, seek it from the only Source that can truly deliver.  Enjoy the fun that comes from your possessions – enjoy those lake days, sleep with you iPad (Don’t act like you don’t.  I know it stays within arm’s reach at all times.), wear your bling.  But, see it for what it is – just stuff.  Remind yourself that only through a rich relationship with your Heavenly Father will you find true happiness.

You are more than your possessions.  You are a child of God.  Run to Him, not to your stuff.

Want to hear “more?” Click here to watch the entire message from Mountain Lake this past weekend.


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