Birth-month Bash

This is my birth-month.  Notice I didn’t say birthday.  My actual birthday was March 5th, but I like to stretch the party out a bit.  More like the entire month.  I look for ways to enjoy myself, make excuses to avoid cooking, and coerce my hubby to be extra-sweet to me (although I don’t have to twist his arm too much).  Sounds like a good plan, huh? I know!

So, what has my month looked like, so far?  Well, Shawn took me out to eat here.  We completely enjoyed the yummy food.  Then, I used a gift card here.  Shawn helped me pick out several necklaces and even a new pair of Corky flip-flops (come on, Summer!).  My kids have showered me with sweet notes.  My daughter even mailed me a letter.  I was floored as I read her words.  She thanked me for my love and for the ways I work to make her life better.  I will keep that one forever.

Ahhh, but the celebration didn’t end there.  Sweet friends have sent cards.  A few have even brought me gifts.  Shawn just gave me a book that I wanted to read. And, my mom just called to say she scored a free Rachael Ray Magazine subscription and is sending it to me! Holla!

Now, if it sounds like all I care about is gifts….well, you’ve got me pegged.  Ok, not completely.  I’m just as excited about my husband’s handwritten love letter as I am about the uber-cool yellow clutch purse I received.  I’m just as pumped about stolen time with my family as I am about dinner out.  I really just use my birthday as an excuse to do fun things and be with people who I love.

So, this month I having tons of fun….and enjoying a few surprises along the way.  Life is good, and I plan to live it up!


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