Sunday Summaries: Counterfeit Goods

I love perfume.  Love it.  I wear it daily.  When I walk through department stores, I usually spray a few squirts of Euphoria or Light Blue.  And, oh how I was saddened when Obsession Night was discontinued.  I completely adored that fragrance.  I even keep a small random purse spray with me for quick refreshments.  Yep, I’m addicted.

My addiction doesn’t stop there.  I notice scents on other ladies, too.  I’ve discovered Alien from sniffing a sweet friend on our worship team at MLCThe name is strange (so is the bottle), but it will be my next purchase.  And, Viva La Juicy became a favorite after I hugged someone who was wearing it at church.

Here’s the problem.  Perfume isn’t cheap.  More to the point, I’m a penny pincher.  So, I usually have one bottle of perfume at a time…..and I only purchase it when I know I’m getting a deal.  Or, at least I think I’m getting a deal.

Last year, I wanted to buy a bottle of Viva La Juicy, but I was hesitant because it’s so pricey.  (Enter my husband who can always find online deals.) His Ebay search resulted in a sweet-smelling deal.  Or so I thought.  Turns out I got a fake.  The bottle looked like the original, but the scent wasn’t the same.  No staying power.  Slightly different aroma.  Fake.  Ebay came to my rescue and refunded my money, thankfully, and said I could just keep the imposter.

Remember I said I was a penny pincher? Well, I’m so thrifty that I wanted to save the money of buying perfume so I tried to make the counterfeit work.  Try as I might though, the imposter didn’t measure up. Counterfeits never do.

This weekend at MLC, my husband shed some light on some other counterfeits in our lives.  Things we hope will deliver what we crave in our lives, but always leave us wanting.  Things like possessions, fame, beauty, power, and intimacy.

You can watch the entire message here, but I’ll give you my takeaway:

The created can never deliver what the Creator can deliver.

Let that sink in.  If you and I grasped that truth, our lives would look drastically different, don’t you think? For instance, we might not seek the approval of other people….craving their love and admiration.  Instead, we’d seek the approval of God, alone…..filling up on His love and feeling true worth.

This teaching series promises to be eye-opening.  I hope you’ll join me!


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