Standing In The Spotlight

At Mountain Lake, my husband’s office is backstage.  As I walked into his office last week, I discovered something new.  This mirror.  A very thoughtful ministry team member had hung it for all of us who serve the Lord on the MLC stage – from worship leaders to speakers, from production crew to volunteers.  We are now reminded each time we walk out onto the MLC stage that we were, in fact, chosen to be here and that it is an honor and privilege to speak and lead on God’s behalf.

Sound a little over the top? It’s not.  Each of us needs to be reminded of our calling….of our purpose…..that it’s not AT ALL about us.  Hey, we’re sinners.  We’ll get that messed up from time to time.

As I walked in my back door at home later that day, a thought hit me.  What if that mirror was hanging here?  What if I read the words, “It’s a privilege to be on this stage. Thank you God for choosing me” as I encountered my family? As I stepped onto the stage of motherhood?  As I stepped into the spotlight of marriage?

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I forget my calling.  I forget my purpose.  I let my guard down and overlook feelings or take loved ones for granted.  Not all the time, to be sure, but I fully confess that I fail to view my roles as a privilege from time to time – especially when the kids put perfectly clean items in the laundry basket or pile their dishes in the sink.  Yet, I was chosen to be Shawn’s wife.  I was chosen to be Hannah’s, Madison’s, and Paul’s mom.  I stand on a grand stage. People are looking to me.  It is my privilege to lead them….to serve them….to love them.

Thank you, God, for choosing me.

What about you?  What stage do you stand on today? What responsibilities do you bear?  Maybe it’s a team at work or particular relationship that requires extra attention.  Maybe it’s a volunteer position or expectations of others.  A baseball coach, a store clerk, a public speaker, or a classroom volunteer. There are lots of stages to stand on.

Whatever it is, you were chosen.  Stand in the spotlight and lead well today.  And, take time to thank the One who gave you the opportunity.  His applause is the only accolade you’ll need.




8 thoughts on “Standing In The Spotlight

  1. My first thought when I saw Scott tweet about it the other day was…I want one of those for our leadership. Granted we don’t have a stage but love the visual image. What a great gift!


  2. Tammi Bramblett says:

    This tops my list as one of my favorite posts. I love your blog and i love you! Thanks Tricia for giving me MUCH needed perspective!


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