Sunday Summaries: Vows

Do you remember your wedding vows?  If it weren’t for the video of my wedding, I probably wouldn’t.  Don’t get me wrong, I remember that I said them….I remember that everyone was watching….I just don’t quite remember feeling the power of those words when I said them.

Maybe you don’t, either.  Maybe, like me, your mind was wrapped up in a million other details on your big day.

Are the flowers in place?

Did the music start?

Did the grandparents make it down the aisle?

Are the candles staying lit?

Did everyone enjoy the rehearsal dinner?

Did I remember the roses that Shawn and I were presenting to our moms?

Is everyone standing in the right place?

Are my bags packed for the honeymoon?

Are our travel plans finalized?

Did the preacher sign our marriage license?

What do you mean Shawn left his luggage at home? We have to go get it!

Oh, no, I was supposed to ask my friends if they would serve food at the reception, and I FORGOT!! Quick, recruit people NOW!

Somewhere in all that, Shawn and I said the most important words of our lives.  We promised God that we would forever love and honor one another, in good times and in bad.  Lofty promises made with the greatest of intent.  Yet, now, 18 years later, I can more fully understand the weight of our words.  Maybe you can relate.

This weekend at MLC, we closed out our teaching series, VOWS, with a marriage renewal ceremony, and hundreds of couples stood to recommit to one another.  Before they did, however, my hubby shared just how important our promises to each other are.  Without details of a big wedding day going through our minds, we were all able to focus on the power of our words….the impact of our promises…..and the love that motivated us to say “I do” in the first place.  Most importantly, we were reminded that our first promise is not to each other, but to God.

It was beautiful.

Do you need a refresher on the promises you made? Click here to watch the entire message.


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