Sunday Summaries: Vows – For Better, For Worse

Do you remember those words you spoke on your wedding day?

“I promise to love you for better or for worse.”

That’s easier said than done, isn’t it? It’s certainly easier to enjoy one another when we’re on our best behavior.

When flowers are being delivered.  When attention is being given.  When needs are being met.  When health is good.  When finances are in order.  When words don’t cut.  When promises are kept.

What about those times that aren’t so pleasant?

When romance takes a backseat. When we go unnoticed.  When we feel taken advantage of.  When poor health demands extra attention. When financial stress wreaks havoc. When sarcasm pierces.  When we’ve been let down.

This weekend, my husband used an unexpected Scripture passage to teach us a profound truth.  Are you ready for it?  Here it is:

Our response to sin is just as important as the sin itself. 

Let that sink into your heart for a moment.  Sin hurts. It hurts the offended and the offender.  It is costly.  Yet, God wants us to know… grasp maybe for the first time…..that our response to sin is just as costly.

Shawn shared two responses to the wrongs committed against us: compassion or anger.  What? You already knew that? I’m sure most of us could have figured that one out, yet if we truly understood the implications of our responses, I suspect we would all behave a little differently in our relationships.

As always, Shawn shared transparently out of the real-ness of our lives together.  Click here to watch his message….and learn to love for better AND for worse.


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