Bragging Is Ok Today!

I watched The View this week on Valentine’s day (yes, I love to watch those ladies argue!), and I saw something happen to Sherri Shepherd that made say, “Awwww!” (insert high pitch girl-y notes). 

Her hubby surprised her live on the show with a serenade and flowers.  Poor Sherri thought her hubby was going to give her the shaft, but instead he showered her with love…..for all the world to see.  She was a blubbering mess.  And, yes, my eyes teared up, too.  Don’t tell anyone.

Oh, we women.  We love for everyone else to know that our man loves us.  That we are his world.  Don’t we?  That’s why we love getting flowers delivered to our work places or hearing our spouse telling someone else how much he loves or admires us.

So, let’s have some fun today.  What did your hubby/boyfriend do for you this Valentine’s day?  Dinner? Flowers? Gifts? Thoughtful gestures?  I’ll get the ball rolling: Shawn woke me up with a few sweet gifts and a thoughtful card, but his best gift was yet to come.  He took me to dinner that evening and walked us down memory lane.  From our college years to our wedding, from our seminary years to the births of our children, he said he wanted us to reminisce about all the times we’ve shared together.  We spent our entire dinner swapping old memories, laughing, and remembering things long forgotten.  I love that man.

Now, it’s your turn! Brag on your favorite man a little.  How did he let you know that you are still the one?


6 thoughts on “Bragging Is Ok Today!

  1. My husband, Mark, actually planned ahead this year. 🙂 He bought me a beautiful bouqet of flowers and the best tasting chocolate I have ever had! Since our 4 kids are still young (10 and below) we are going to celebrate our special evening this Friday while our kids are at Parents Night Out! Who ever said celebrating Valentines Day can only be done on the 14th! 🙂


  2. Lizette says:

    My husband sent me flowers to my workplace (home w/kids) for the first time EVER in the almost 7 years that we’ve been married. Coming from him, it was the BEST Valentine’s yet! He made me cry, too.


  3. Aimee Park says:

    OK. I LOVE daisies. When we were dating, he would leave a bouquet every now and then on my windshield at North Georgia College. Well, I have not received flowers since our youngest was born over 3 years ago. I got a bouquet of flowers on V-day this year delivered to my school (I’m a 6th grade teacher in Forsyth County). Here’s why they were so special:
    1. My kiddos clapped when they were brought into my room. Not gonna lie, at first, I thought I’d won Publisher’s Clearinghouse or something.
    2. There were 4 red roses, one for each of us.
    3. There were 14 daisies, one for every year we’ve been together.
    4. There were 3 callalillies, the same flower I had in my bouquet at our wedding.
    VERY thoughtful, special, and wonderful. Just when I thought my countrified husband had not ONE romantic bone in his body, he majorly proved me otherwise. Love that man. 🙂


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