What Brings You The Greatest Joy?

Have you ever been asked a question that makes you stop and think?  Contemplate your life?  Ponder why you do what you do?

Recently, I was interviewed for another blog and the first question made me take on the position of “The Thinker.”

“What brings you the greatest joy?”

Here’s what I said:

  1. Knowing I’ve added value to the people around me is ultimately what brings me joy.  For my kids, that might mean a little extra cuddle time.  For my husband, it might mean a listening ear or sweet friendship.  For those I serve and lead, it might mean using the gifts God has given me to facilitate ministry.  Recently, I was reading my Bible when I felt God urge me to fast for a hurting friend.  I spent the day praying for her.  In the early afternoon, her husband called asking me to meet with her to guide her through a rocky situation.  Was God calling me to intercede for my friend that day?  Absolutely!  Was it a coincidence that her husband chose to reach out to me?  Absolutely not!   I know God used me that day to fight a spiritual battle in someone’s life.  I have to say, there’s no better feeling than that.

Answering that question brought focus to my life.  I better understood what drives me and what ultimately satisfies me – adding value to the people around me.  If you are anything like me, however, you can easily get wrapped up in the details of your agenda and miss doing the things that literally fulfill you…..that bring you joy.

So, what brings you joy? What makes you feel significant or fills you up? Maybe you need to take some time to think today.  Don’t allow your life to zoom past you! Grab those moments and savor them!


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