Character Matters

Have you ever seen something on TV that shocked you? Maybe it was a commercial with questionable content or a wardrobe malfunction at a Super Bowl event. I’ll never forget seeing an MTV video years and years ago that put me on full alert. Get ready for it… was a Beach Boys video. Tame, I know.

To understand, let me give you some background info. During that time, I had not watched MTV in ages. It was a season of life in which I didn’t have a lot of spare time for TV. In addition, I had been growing by leaps and bounds in my personal walk with God. I had begun leading Bible studies, leading church events, volunteering at church, and, most importantly, spending tons of time reading God’s Word. In the process, I had unwittingly removed myself from some of the cultural trappings of our society. Needless to say, MTV wasn’t high on my list of things to watch.

So, one day I was in someone’s home and guess what they were watching? That’s right. And, of all the crazy videos that could have been playing, the relatively innocent Beach Boys filled the screen. But, here’s the thing. I was still shocked. Not surprised, just shocked. I certainly expect to see certain things on TV, but since I hadn’t watched it in a while, my heart skipped a beat to see nearly nude women gyrating all over the beach.

Sound like a goody-two-shoes? Maybe so. But, that experience revealed that my standards had changed. No longer was I numb to the depravity of our culture. Maybe, just maybe, I was seeing the world a little more like Jesus does.

Check out this verse: “They love shame more than honor.” (Hosea 4:18b) God made a great indictment of His people through the prophet Hosea. You should read the book for the whole story, but the cliff notes version is this: God’s people reveled in things that God despised, and He was about to clean house.

May the same not be said of us.

So, what’s my challenge for you today? Ask yourself a tough question. Are there areas of your life in which you love shame more than honor? The way you handle conflict? The media that you view? The way you view yourself? The private struggles that you are hesitant to overcome?

Let me encourage you! Whatever issues you face, determine to love honor more than shame, even when it’s difficult.

Character matters to God.  Make Him proud today.


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