You Know You Are A Mom When….

Over the Christmas break, my family spent a few days in Gatlinburg, TN. We walked the strip, ate at The Apple Barn (yes, we bought some Apple Butter), got car sick driving the windy roads of the Smokies, and bought souvenirs for the kids.

Our trip was extra fun because my husband’s sister met us up there with her family.  We love Tanya and Brian, but we rarely get to spend extended time with them. So having several days together was terrific.  All of the kids goofed off and laughed, we swapped Christmas presents, and spent way too much time in Fannie Farkles Arcade (hey, it’s the South. Don’t judge our stupid names.)

As we were leaving a restaurant one afternoon, I shoved my hands in my coat pockets to find my gloves (yep, the Smokies were covered in snow and we were cold!), but I had to carefully sift through all the other stuff I had crammed in there first.  I literally had to stop walking so I could carefully pull out my gloves without spilling all the other things I was carrying.  That’s when I said it:

“You know you’re a mom when you carry a bottle of children’s ibuprofen and a measuring cup in your pocket just in case someone get sick.”

Tanya snickered and admitted she, too, had a few oddities in her possession:

“You know you’re a mom when you have toilet seat covers in your purse.”

I had to one-up her:

“You know you’re a mom when you keep trash bags in the glove compartment of your car in case someone throws up.”

We enjoyed our little game.  Then we walked into a crowded skating rink and found ourselves counting heads every five minutes to make sure we had not lost one of our kids.  Yet another sign of motherhood.

Oh, but the game didn’t end there for me.  Late one night after we returned home, my whole family was tucked neatly in their own beds sound asleep when I thought I heard a noise in the night.  I raised up off my pillow to listen more closely and heard nothing else, so I chuckled to myself as I rolled over and thought, “You know you’re a mom when you hear a noise in the night and your first fear is not an intruder but a sick child, instead.”

But, the laugh was on me.  Indeed, a child was sick, and I spent the next few hours awake with her.

I’m a mom.  It’s what I do.

What about you?  Are you a mom who carries weird stuff in your pockets or car? I bet you’ve got items you never dreamed you’d carry.

Play the game with me!  You know you’re a mom when…..

12 thoughts on “You Know You Are A Mom When….

  1. Lizette says:

    It’s funny that you post this today because last night as I was at a training I was sifting through my purse to find some gum and one of the things I shoved around was a diaper. A diaper! My son wasn’t even with me, but there was his diaper. I thought to myself, you know you’re a mom when there’s a diaper in your purse and your kid is at home with dad.


  2. … When you shamelessly discuss your child’s bowel movements with women you might hardly know.
    … When you’ve forgotten the possibility of a full night’s sleep.
    … When you’ve decided “personal space” is a mythological place that no longer exists.
    … When you realize what an idiot you were giving advice to mothers before you had children!


  3. … when you just automatically roll over to make room for your child in bed, when their pale little face shows up asking for snuggles at 4 am
    … when the little things that fill their heart with joy make you just as happy
    … when your purse contains random Lego pieces, orange tic tacs, and kleenex


  4. as a mom of 5 I’ve joked that it seems like every time I go in the bathroom suddenly there are important questions that only I can answer…

    there are also times when searching in my purse I have found more things for my kids than things that belong to me 🙂

    and yes, we have the trash bags in glove compartment and yes, we have had to use them several times!

    Great post Tricia!


  5. Amber Shelton says:

    I love this!!!! So…’re a mom ….When you find extra binkies in the pockets of your jackets…when you use baby wipes to take off your makeup at night because they are closer than your own face cleanser…when you haven’t sat down for a meal at home in years because someone always needs something….when your husband say he feels bad and you ask him if he is “poopy”…when you find yourself absently humming the theme to Dora the Explorer when no one is around and you could actually choose what to put on the radio or tv.!


  6. Kristin Hamby says:

    You know you’re a mom when…
    …you know which episode of Dora you’re watching within the first 60 seconds.
    …only 30% of the contents of your purse are actually for YOUR use (mine currently contains a Fisher Price camera, the Tag reading pen and two books, and a Leapster Explorer).
    …your morning getting ready time is cut in half when your child has a sleepover at Nana and Papa’s.


  7. Stephanie Adams says:

    You know that you are a mom when you don’t even flinch as you feel your toddler’s sticky, mac and cheese fingers pat your sweater at Golden Corral. Furthermore, you know that you are a mom when at the same time you realize that in your sleep deprived state, you left the house with your sweater on inside out SEVERAL hours ago. Ah, but the silver lining is that you can now slip into the ladies room and slip your sweater on the right way. Voila!! Clean again…until the next meal, snack, or gooey mess comes your way. This actually happened TODAY! 🙂


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