Sunday Summaries: The Story of God, The Story of Us – week 2

This month we’re celebrating Mountain Lake Church’s 12th birthday, and although I’m tempted to say that no one could possibly be as excited as my hubby and me, that just wouldn’t be true.

You see, as the church planters, Shawn and I have experienced every win and loss….every battle and victory.  Some of those up’s and down’s have been public.  Others much more private. But, all of them have added up to 12 years of investment, both physically and emotionally.  Our calling to do what God asked us to do is so clear and sure that we literally feel obligated to this Body of Believers.  And that obligation propels us forward – and tempts me to think that no one could love this place (more specifically, what God is doing here) more than Shawn and me.

But, that’s where I’d be wrong.

God has been writing His story here for 12 years, and although I’ve lived every chapter, I’m not the focus of the story.  The people of MLC are!  They are the ones that God sent Shawn and me here for.  Over the last 12 years, some of them have met God for the first time; others have rediscovered their great need for Him after time away.  Thousands have been taught not just about God’s love, but about His relevance in their lives.  Hundreds upon hundreds have begun serving God through volunteerism and mission trips.  Many have given generously to fund the start of 5 other churches. Over 1300 of them have been baptized! Countless stories of changed hearts, newfound purpose, reconciled marriages, healed relationships, forgiveness, and passion to live for God have filled my journal, my husband’s inbox, and our memories over the last 12 years.

Those people – people who have discovered just how much God loves them – are celebrating Mountain Lake this month.  They aren’t celebrating the church, mind you.  They are celebrating the One who leads the church.  God has written His story here, and as we look back over all the chapters, all of us have reason to be excited.

We have seen Him at work.

We have learned at His feet.

We have experienced His provision.

We have felt His overwhelming love.

We have worshipped Him.

So, Happy Birthday Mountain Lake! And thank you to everyone who has partnered with us over the last 12 years to see God’s mission accomplished.  Your service and gifts have honored God.

Of course, I want you to be part of our celebration, so click here to watch this weekend’s service.  Shawn shares God’s story at MLC, and I guarantee you’ll be motivated to make your own story a little less about you and a lot more about God!


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