Caught Off-Guard

Each month I write a little diddy for a local magazine, Up In Cumming.  As always, I wanted to share it with my online friends, too.  This month’s theme is, of course, all about new year’s resolutions.  Check it out:

Have you seen that commercial where a camera zooms in on a lady sleeping in her bed, complete with an eye mask, bed head, and frumpy pj’s? You know the one. The camera zooms out to reveal her bed is situated in the middle of her high school gym – at her high school reunion!!! The reality of the situation hits her all at once, and she is woefully unprepared. I can’t remember what the commercial is advertising. Probably weight loss. But, I definitely resonated with the sentiment.

Have you ever been caught off guard and unprepared? I hate that feeling. Like when an unexpected guest finds my house a mess. Or, a group of friends decide to pile in my car which is full of French fries and goldfish crackers. The worst, however, is when something big comes along and I am just not all that I could have been if I had prepped. If you caught last year’s season premiere of Oprah, you probably saw Oprah surprise a group of viewers with a road trip to her show. The group of ladies thought they were arriving in Chicago a day early, but instead, Oprah delivered them directly to her stage while she was live on the air. Oh, the horror. Worldwide television. With no makeup. In ill-fitting clothes. I’m sure that’s not how they dreamed up their grand entrance to the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Did you know that you can be unprepared spiritually, too? Oh, yes, you can be a devoted follower of Christ and still be unprepared for the opportunities He sends your way. For instance, an opportunity to give wise counsel to a friend can be squandered if you haven’t studied Scripture. If you haven’t noticed, people don’t always give sound advice. Remember the old saying, “Good intentions pave the way to hell.” OK, that’s a little dramatic. But, the point is without knowing God’s Word, we are unable to truly help one another.

What about our finances? Have you ever had to turn down an opportunity because you didn’t have the funds to invest or give? What if God is asking you to go somewhere, do something, or give in some way, but you can’t because your financial debt rules your world?

Don’t let life catch you off-guard. You might have a messy house, but you don’t have to have a messy heart. Do the work necessary to be ready for the opportunities God sends to you. You’ll be so glad you did.  There’s no better New Year’s Resolution than that!


2 thoughts on “Caught Off-Guard

  1. Karin says:

    I do not like that unprepared feeling! Thanks for reminding me to be prepared and to not squander the opportunities God sends to me.


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