Work Hard, Play Hard

So, I’ve been off the blogging-bandwagon for a little while.  No posts.  No pictures.  Heck, I haven’t even been on Facebook and Twitter very much over the past week.

It was intentional.

You see, my husband and I live by this motto: Work Hard, Play Hard.

We definitely work hard.  Our schedule is demanding, and our responsibilities keep us hopping from one task to the next.  And, of course, our family life is full, too.  Whatever we put our minds to, we do with excellence….or at least give it our best shot.  We value a good work ethic, so you’ll never see us squander our time.

Just like most people, we work hard.

But, we also play hard.  We know we can’t keep up a hectic schedule indefinitely without burning out or going crazy  crazier, so we intentionally pull back from everyone and everything from time to time.

No appointments.

No phone calls.

No social media – or, at least limited social media.

No ministry.

We don’t talk shop.  We don’t plan our next ministry venture.  We don’t brainstorm.  We don’t try to “get ahead.”

Instead, we rest.  We sleep a little later (which takes me a few days to retrain my 5AM internal clock!).  We watch movies and football.  We shop (yep, my hubby likes to shop with me!). We play games.  And, we laugh with our family.

So, what have the Lovejoy’s been up to during this week of rest?  Our extended family came to visit, we shot bb guns, we drank Asian Sprites at a favorite local Chinese restaurant, we took a quick trip to Gatlinburg, we played Nertz, we’ve tinkered with my new iPhone 4s (yes, I love it), and we’ve held hands and hugged…..all of us…..often.

I never cease to be amazed how refreshed I am after I’ve properly rested.  My creativity and endurance improves, and I feel like my batteries fully recharge.  And, although I’m still moving slower than usual, I can feel my motivation revving up.  My mind and my heart are urging me to get back in the game.

So, SharpenHer is back.  I’m ready for 2012.  I’m ready to see what God does in and through Mountain Lake Church this year.  I’m looking forward to Velocity 2012, too.  I anxious to post what God is teaching me in the hope that it will teach you, too.

I’m ready to work hard.

What about you?  What are you ready for in 2012?

Happy New Year, friends!

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