Sunday Summaries: Everyday Christmas, week 4

For the past 4 weeks at Mountain Lake Church, my husband has been teaching us how to keep the meaning of Christmas fresh in our everyday lives, and this weekend he did it again.  Or, maybe I should say Brian Maloof did.

Who is Brian Maloof, you ask?  Brian and his family have been attending Mountain Lake for several months.  He owns a bar in Atlanta, and his story is…..well, it’s something my husband and I just cant’ get over.  We keep talking about it.  We share it with other people.  We get motivated because of it.  And, we finally shared it with our church family this weekend.

Watch this story of a man who became filled up by God and then overflowed to the people around him:

Brian has encountered God.

And, because of Brian, others are encountering God, as well.

Not by preaching on a stage to thousands.  Not by writing books to compel others to learn.  Not by eloquent speech or great knowledge.

By everyday life.  By recognizing the opportunities around him.  By meeting the needs of his friends and family.  By filling himself so full of God that he can’t help but overflow on the world around him.

Click here to watch the entire message from this weekend.  My husband taught a message that I think you should hear.  And, I’m praying that we all take a note from Brian…..let’s use our everyday lives in extraordinary ways for Jesus.


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