Christmas Shananigins: The Thrill of the Deal

Ok, so I’m continuing this series about ideas on all things Christmas, from decorating to parties.  Today, I’m diving into an area we all relate to: gifts.

Once we have our homes decorated, complete with reminders of what the season is all about, the next thing on our list is SHOPPING!

We buy presents for everyone, don’t we?  Sons, daughters, husbands, boyfriends, nieces, nephews, sisters, brothers, parents, grandparents, even the dog!  Some of us even buy little gifts or bake goodies for our neighbors.  So, with all this spending going on, we could all use some thrifty gift ideas, couldn’t we?

I’ll share one of mine.  Christmas is a great time to invite neighbors and co-workers to church.  Every year at MLC we have an incredible Christmas Eve service, and most families like to attend a church service somewhere, even if they don’t go to church most of the year.  Take advantage of the opportunity.  I’m not a fantastic cook, but I make several batches of cookies or caramel corn – one year I dipped big pretzel sticks in chocolate – for my neighbors.  Dollar Tree has terrific cookie tins and platters.  So for very little money, I can deliver a homemade goody to my neighbors with an invitation to join us for our Christmas Eve services.  MLC has made it extra easy this year since we have handy-dandy tickets for our services that I can include.

Want some other ideas?  How about a Christian teen magazine subscription for your daughter? I just bought one for Susie Magazine.  (Shhhh, don’t tell her.)  Looks great…..and I might steal it for a quick read, myself!  For those of you with crafty kids, Michael’s (arts and crafts store) prints a 40% off coupon with most receipts.  I’ve used these to score some great deals… for $10-15!  And, of course, I have signed up for emails from my favorite retailers.  My inbox is full of coupons and deals of the day.  Gotta love it.  For me, the thrill of the deal is the best part!

Ok, it’s your turn again.  Who would you like to give something to this year?  Teachers, neighbors, co-workers, service men/women, etc?  Brainstorm some inexpensive gift ideas and go one step further… can you use your gift to point them to Jesus?

And, as always, I hope you’re enjoying the Christmas season!!


One thought on “Christmas Shananigins: The Thrill of the Deal

  1. great ideas,my inexpensive glory gift is -recipes in a jar(such as hot chocolate or spicy tea) mix up ingredients put in mason jar, and add an invitation to christmas service on lid or front.


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