Christmas Shananigins: It’s Party Time!

This past weekend, my husband and I hosted our annual Mountain Lake Team Christmas party.  I bet you are attending a few holiday parties this month, too.  I love spending time with friends and family….and laughing….a lot.

At our MLC party, we kicked off the night with food.  Pot luck, as usual.  We munched on lettuce wraps, chicken puffs, and cheese dips, but I packed on several pounds when I indulged in an Oreo/brownie/cookie dough dessert.  (I’m sure it had a proper title, but that seems to sum it up best.)

Then, we gathered together to celebrate just how much we love and respect one another.  There’s nothing more beautiful than listening to our team encourage and appreciate each another.  Most people never hear that kind validation enough, do they?  Well, not this night.  Not this team.  We are determined to bolster each other while we serve together.

Then came the best part of the night: Dirty Santa.  We play this game every year, and it never disappoints.  Once again Starbucks gift cards were given and stolen, and gifts like lava lamps sat idle.  I unloaded a matted and framed print of a little girl on the beach.  It is probably 30 years old, and I could not be more thrilled that our only unmarried Pastor got stuck with it.  🙂

So, what will YOUR Christmas parties look like this year?  Serious, goofy, casual, formal, catered, or potluck? Whatever your parties are, I hope your time with friends and family fills your heart with love.


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