Sunday Summaries: Everyday Christmas, week 2

It’s Christmas time, and it brings with it the age-old mad dash for the latest, greatest toy.  You know what I’m talking about….the compulsive drive we have to purchase whatever toy the advertisers have brainwashed us into thinking our children must have.

Care Bears.

Cabbage Patch dolls.

Rubiks Cube.

Tickle Me Elmo.

You know what all of these have in common? They are all old news!  At one time they were all the rage, but eventually they were forgotten.

The Gospel is sort of like those toys, for some of us.  The Good News becomes old news and loses its power.  It becomes familiar to us and we forget its greatness.

Do you remember when you first heard the Good News?  Do you remember how you felt?  Click here to watch this weekend’s message at MLC and rediscover just how good the Gospel really is.


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