7 days at a glance

My kids just enjoyed a week of no school.  That’s right, around these parts we get a week off for Thanksgiving.  It rocked.  No alarm clocks.  No homework.  No agenda.  No lunch boxes to prepare.  No schedule to keep.  Ahhhhh, we loved every moment.

But, having no agenda didn’t mean we twiddled our thumbs. Nope.  Not the Lovejoy’s.  Here was our week at a glance:

22 hours of shopping.  Not all at once, mind you.  I scored some fantastic deals BEFORE black Friday.  I LOVE finding bargains!!  My kids had gift cards to spend so they couldn’t wait to hit the stores. 

Thanksgiving lunch with the people I love most. 

Christmas decorating.  Inside, outside, and even in the kid’s rooms! I have more plugs to plug and unplug than should be legal, but I sure love all the pretty lights.

A “Gone With The Wind” movie marathon.  Yes, I watched the entire 5 hour movie in one sitting…..and my 2 daughters stuck with me the entire time. 

Raked 11 bags of leaves in about an hour.  So thankful for a leaf blower…..and for kids who can put it all in bags.

Watched Bama take home a win.  Roll tide.  There’s no football like Alabama football. 

And, I rested. I didn’t surf Facebook and Twitter too often, and I kept emails to the bare minimum.  I even felt a little cut off from the outside world.  Nice.  I lounged a little longer in bed each morning, I avoided routine chores, and I played with my family every day.

So, the Lovejoy’s rested and reveled this week.  What about you?  What was your favorite part of your Thanksgiving break?



2 thoughts on “7 days at a glance

  1. Tricia,

    My favorite things from the Thanksgiving break are:

    A bike ride on the Greenway with my hubby, William
    A rainbow BEFORE the rain on Sunday morning
    Alabama beating Auburn – ROLL TIDE!

    Have a Victorious Day!
    Marianne Clements


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