Wednesdays Are For Women: Rest, by Lindsay Gerdes

Pastors’ wives (PW) and women in ministry are incredible sources of wisdom and creativity as they use their gifts in leadership and service. I highly value their insight, faithfulness, and diligent labor. That’s why I’m hosting Wednesdays Are for Women. Each week, we’ll hear from a different PW or ministry leader and gain her perspective on God’s activity on her ministry team, her local church, or the issues facing church leaders today.

Today, we’ll hear from Lindsey Gerdes from Revolution Church, Canton, Ga.

REST in Ministry

If you are anything like me, then your life is FULL!  We go from one event to the other and are always moving at a fast pace.  In ministry we can sometimes talk ourselves out of taking a break because we feel like it’s impossible for us to ever be “away” from the church.

Early on in our ministry we made it a point to take vacations and to get away.  Now that Jason is a Lead Pastor and we have two beautiful kids, it can sometimes be challenging for us to get away with each other and to REST; however, our church needs us to be rested and recharged so we can serve to our full capacity.  So, we make it happen!  And we don’t feel guilty about it!  At least 2 times a year we take a 1-week vacation, just Jason and me, no kids.  And then we also try to get away 3-4 times a year for mini-weekend trips.  It’s crucial for us to disconnect from all-things-church and just focus on each other.

We have worked really hard to create schedules that will accommodate our family and our current season of life.   Jason’s daily schedule is carefully thought-out and planned around our family events because we want our kids to know that we love Jesus and His Church but that they come before ministry.  Sometimes this means we have to say “no” to people so we can say “yes” to our family.  If Jason is SO exhausted because he has said “YES” too many times, then he has given me the freedom to step in and help him say “NO.”  He does the same for me.  Our schedule is SO important, if we don’t run our schedule, then our schedule will run us.

Jason takes every Monday off to relax and recharge after preaching 4 services on Sundays.  We intentionally plan stress-free Mondays and set aside his personal “alone-time!”  It was actually watching him REST on Mondays that prompted me to ask myself…. when do I rest?

How do we as women, wives, and moms have a schedule that doesn’t KILL us and allows us to REST??  

Jason and I sat down together and looked at both of our weekly schedules and decided a good time for me to rest.  I now have two planned blocks of time on my schedule for “alone time/recharge time/rest time”…and I soak those times in!  I need time to be alone and to think.  It makes me function better as a Christ Follower, Wife, Mommy, and Pastor’s Wife!  I highly recommend that you get creative with your schedule and plan a time for you to REST weekly.

Shawn and Tricia Lovejoy are giving all of us a great opportunity to get away and rest at the Velocity 2012 conference.  If you are needing a break and need to recharge then its VERY important you sign up.  You will leave refreshed and inspired to continue to do the work God has called you to.

About Lindsay:

Lindsey is the wife of Jason Gerdes, Lead Pastor of Revolution Church in Canton, GA. Jason and Lindsey have been married for almost 10 years and have been in full-time ministry together for 12 years.  Lindsey is passionate about Jesus, her amazing husband, and her precious children, and thoroughly enjoys serving the people of their church. She desires for ministry wives to FULLY embrace their calling and THRIVE in the place God has placed them.

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