Flannel Boards and other intimidating stuff….

Sometimes I amazed by those families. You know the ones.  They have family devotions.  EVERY day.  The mom creates handy-dandy crafts to complement the devotional lesson.  Bible verses are memorized, and their refrigerators are adorned with popsicle-stick characters from the Old Testament.  They probably even have their very own flannel board for story-telling.  Yeah, those families.

The Lovejoy’s aren’t like that.  At all.  I’m not the mom who likes to make crafts, and my patience wears thin when we try to corral our family to sit still and pay attention.

Yet, I wholeheartedly believe that parents are the best teachers for their kids….and that there is nothing more important than teaching them about God.  I just take a different approach.  I tend to grab teachable moments as they come and leverage them to show my kids the value of Godliness, obedience, love, and generosity.

I’ll give you an example: my oldest daughter sat with me during one of our services at Mountain lake this past weekend.  She was absolutely tuned in to what her dad was teaching on stage as she took notes and underlined verses.  Occasionally, she leaned over to whisper a question or clarify a thought.  I had the chance to direct her to additional verses and show her some ways to learn even more.  That kind of stuff doesn’t happen in every church service, so when I recognized her interest, I seized the teachable moment.

I do the same kind of stuff with my younger two children.  For instance, the other day when my little boy got his feelings hurt, we talked about the need to find ways to repair and restore the relationship because a friend loves at all times (Prov 17:17).  A real life experience…..related back to God.

So, we haven’t bought a flannel board or finger puppets.  Nothing against puppets, mind you.  I’m just not wired that way.  And, just in case you’re not wired like that, I want to encourage you to look for everyday, teachable moments and make the most of them!  Don’t let it intimidate you.  You CAN do it!

2 thoughts on “Flannel Boards and other intimidating stuff….

  1. Thanks for clarifying that there’s nothing wrong with puppets;) Definitely true and it’s usually in those moments you’re least prepared, but still great moments none the less!


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