Wednesdays Are For Women: Faithful Management

Pastors’ wives (PW) and women in ministry are incredible sources of wisdom and creativity as they use their gifts in leadership and service. I highly value their insight, faithfulness, and diligent labor. That’s why I’m hosting Wednesdays Are for Women. Each week, we’ll hear from a different PW or ministry leader and gain her perspective on God’s activity on her ministry team, her local church, or the issues facing church leaders today.

Today, we’ll hear from Kim Whipple, from Church at the Ridge, Douglasville, Georgia.  She shares her number one stress in ministry…..and how she deals with it.  Check it out:

Faithful Management

Church planting can be much like a roller coaster ride. From day-to-day and even moment to moment, your emotions can go from high to low. Many areas of planting are wonderful, but some areas are scarier than others.  I will be honest and tell you know that finances are probably one of the most frightening areas most people deal with when beginning a church plant.  Here are some of the questions that go through your mind. Will we have enough to survive? Will our partners be faithful and give? Will our congregation give? Can we make payroll? Can we pay rent for the facility? Being the wife of a lead pastor, you not only feel the weight of making your own payroll, but I think you feel an even bigger responsibility to make sure there is enough to pay all the staff.

After five years of planting the best advice I can give on a personal level in this area is to work hard, live on a budget, and trust God to provide.

Budget seems to be a four-letter word among some people. Really, all it is as Dave Ramsey says is telling your money where to go instead of your money, or lack of it, controlling you. Thankfully, my husband and I read Dave’s book many years ago and had been trying to apply many of the principles. In my opinion, every staff family should go through Financial Peace. Not only is it good for you and your staff to be somewhat on the same page concerning finances, you and your husband must be on the same page. There is more than enough stress with planting alone. You do not need the added stress of managing the finances by yourself, or the other extreme of not having a clue about your personal budget. Both you and your husband need to know where the money is going.

Having been a minister’s wife for over twenty years I can say from experience that God always shows up when we have a need. Usually, it is what we considered to be the last possible moment. Don’t take away the chance for God to bless you and show those around you who our God really is by whipping out the credit card when things get tough. Our God is bigger than that. If He called you to this journey, He will meet your needs. Remember, manage well what He gives you and pray for wisdom along the way.

About Kim:

Kim has been married for twenty-four years and a minister’s wife for more than twenty years. She has eight children. Their ages range from a twenty year old down to a four year old.  After teaching in public and private school for several years, she has now been homeschooling her own children for the last fifteen years. She would like to say she reads, travels and does all kinds of wonderful things in her spare time, but the truth is she spends her spare time doing laundry.


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