When, Not If

This past weekend, my hubby challenged our church to participate in a fast.  Why?  To cast aside the distractions and desires of our lives and focus solely on God.  To depend on His sustenance.  To pursue Him more single-mindedly.

Many people have never practiced the discipline of fasting.  At least not for spiritual reasons.  Starving yourself to lose a few pounds doesn’t count.  😉  Yet, Jesus used these words: “When you fast….”, not “if you fast…” (Matthew 6:16).

So, I want to give you a challenge:

Join me!

Fast for a day, a few days, or the entire week.  Stretch your spiritual muscles.  Practice a new level of flesh-denying, eye-opening, spirit-awakening faith.   God never fails to reveal Himself to me in a new way when I fast.  The lessons He shares with me sharpen me to be more useful to Him and to those around me.  Check out this post about an earlier fast I experienced.

So over the next few days I won’t cook.  I won’t scan the Crock Pot Girls page on Facebook.  I will avoid food commercials and tantalizing aromas from the kitchen to combat the temptations I will endure.

Instead, I will spend more time reading God’s Word.  I’ll pray for God to open my eyes and give me a receptive heart.  I’ll intercede for the needs of others.  I’ll write down what I hear God saying to me.  And, I’ll stay a little closer to my Lord.

What about you?  Will you join me?  Do you need clarity on a big decision?  Do you long for a closer walk with Jesus?  Does someone in your life need you to spend extended time interceding for their needs?  Take the challenge….and see what God will teach you!


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