Sunday Summaries: Scared

I hate scary movies.  Suspense, yes.  Thriller, yes.  Horror? No way.  There’s nothing about being frightened for 2 hours that is even remotely appealing to me.  Not my cup of tea.  (I don’t like cups of tea, either.)

If only movies were the only scary thing in life, we’d have it pretty good, wouldn’t we?    But, in fact, we have tons of fears.  We’re afraid of lab results.  We’re afraid of losing our jobs or losing our retirement.  We’re afraid of terrorists.  We’re afraid of trying something new.  We’re afraid we’ll never get married.  We’re afraid of getting married.  We’re afraid of conflict.  We’re afraid of making the wrong decision.  We all have fears.

In our latest message series at Mountain Lake, my husband is tackling the raw emotion all of us experience – fear.  This weekend, Shawn gave us some insight into why fear should never cripple us….or even hinder us.

What are you afraid of?  What fear has gripped your heart?  Watch this week’s message and take heart!  God can help you overcome!


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