Sunday Summaries: We the People, week 4

Have you ever gotten hurt?  Scraped a knee? Gotten stitches?  Broken a bone?  My oldest daughter has.  In fact, she’s experienced all of those!  As I write this, she is wearing a boot for 2 hairline bone fractures in her foot.  It appears that jumping off of a playground without shoes on is not a good idea.  Live and learn.

As a mom, each time my kids get hurt, I hurt.  I wish I could take the pain away….even bear it myself.  I wish I could turn back the clock and avoid the injury altogether.  I can do neither of those things.  All I can do is wait.  Wait for their bodies to do the job of healing.  Scabs will cover minor boo-boo’s; soreness will ease; bones will repair themselves.  It’s the beauty of the way God designed us: everything we need to receive healing for our pain if found in our bodies.

This weekend at Mountain Lake Church Blake Stanley, our Student and Teaching Pastor, made a fantastic parallel to the natural healing our bodies provide.  Here it is:

Everything we need to find healing for our pain is found in the Body of Christ – the church.

In other words, after we become followers of God, life is no longer only about us as individuals.  We are now part of a fantastic community! One that supports, encourages, confronts, challenges, equips, loves, and grows together.  As a matter of fact, to spiritually thrive and grow, we must be connected to other Christians.  Apart from the Body of Christ, we suffer.

Being connected to a group of Believers in a local church means we are surrounded by Godly people who can:

teach us about faith

support us through life’s trials

challenge us to make God-honoring choices

correct us when we need it

But, that’s not all.  Being connected to the Body of Christ is not just for what we can receive, but for what we can give:

we can share the lessons we’ve learned and help others along the journey of faith

we can encourage others to remain strong in their beliefs

we can serve in volunteer areas to make our churches better equipped to carry out ministry

we can give our resources to help spread God’s name

we can pray for one another

Best of all, when we hurt or when those around us hurt, we can direct each other toward God – the only One with the answers. He IS the answer.  Rather than being tossed by the waves of doubt and discouragement, we can arm each other with Scripture, prayer, and confidence.

It’s how we were designed to interact.  As a community.  As a group.  We are never as good alone as we are together.

Find a church home and plug in.  Find the spiritual healing God has for you.  Already have one?  Celebrate it!  Praise God for knitting us together.

We the People…..have a pretty good family.  Click here to watch the message.


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