Learning To Be Wise, Finale

This month the people of Mountain Lake are reading one chapter of Proverbs each day.  We’re learning to be wise.  Do you know what wisdom is?  Check it out:

Wisdom: The ability to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting; insight.

God’s Word is the only tool we need to develop wisdom in our decision-making.  Not advice from our best friend.  Not Dr. Phil.  And, certainly not what “seems” right to us.  There’s one place to learn how to discern what is true or right: The Bible.

This week we reached our finale!  If you have tracked with us on our path to wisdom, you’ve probably developed some consistency in reading Scripture daily.  Way to go!  There is no better use of your time than to get to know God better.  You’ve probably related to specific verses and discovered new things about our Father and His desires for our lives.

Don’t let that new habit slip away from you!  Just because our time in Proverbs has ended doesn’t mean you need to close your Bible.  Choose another book of the Bible and dive right back in.

Read Genesis and discover the stories of Noah and Joseph.

Read Deuteronomy and track the life of Moses.

Read the short books of the Prophets, like Jonah or Nahum.  Learn from the lessons they taught the people of their day.

Read the Gospels and write down the commands of Jesus or take note of the way He loved people.

Read James and learn how to control your tongue.

Or, read the book of Acts and be inspired to tell others about your Heavenly Father.

Go ahead.  Read your Bible.  Make notes.  Underline.  Allow God to teach you.  Make changes in your life.

And, remember, out of the overflow of your time with Him comes peace, fruit, wisdom, and satisfaction.


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