Wednesdays Are For Women: Sharing the Load

Pastors’ Wives (PW) and women in ministry are incredible sources of wisdom and creativity as they use their gifts in leadership and service.  I highly value their insight, faithfulness, and diligent labor.  That’s why I’m hosting Wednesdays Are for Women.  Each week, we’ll hear from a different PW or ministry leader and gain her perspective on God’s activity on her ministry team, her local church, or the issues facing church leaders today. 

Today, I’m chiming in with a look at the “hands on” side of church planting.  I’d love your feedback!

Where Do You Need Help?

Church planters and their wives carry heavy loads.  Spiritual leadership, set up, take down, volunteer recruitment, message prep, children’s curriculum, student environments, budget concerns, staff management, and oh, yeah, a family life. The tasks can become all-consuming.  So, when this question was posed on my blog recently, I couldn’t help but think of all of the planters and Pastors’ wives (PW) I know.  Check it out:

Tricia –

I have loved reading your blog and listening to the free breakout sessions from Velocity 2011. I have a question for you. Our best friends are planting a church and my husband and I are helping them as lay volunteers. What specifically can we do to make their job easier? We have been encouraging them to make time for family and praying for them, but we would love to help in a more practical way as well. – Stacey

As I answered the question, I wondered what YOU would say.  What would most help you as a planter?  As a PW?  Want to know my answer?  Here you go:

Stacey, as a church planter, I have always prized loyalty and encouragement from those closest to me in leadership.  I’ve also appreciated their willingness to honor the commitments they make – no matter what.  Practically speaking, I would suggest taking over the set up/take down process (if/when you are in a temporary facility) and tell the Lead Pastor and his family to focus on leading the church….not setting it up!  What other teams need leaders?  Do you need volunteers for the children’s area?  Do you need greeters, parking team members, etc.?  Take over the process of recruiting these volunteers and coordinating someone to manage them.

Often in a church plant, the Lead Pastor and his family are not only teaching and discipling, they are also recruiting, advertising, setting up, volunteering, counseling, and managing what little staff they have hired. The most practical thing you and your husband could do is honor them as your leaders and help carry the load.

Thanks, Stacey, for using your life to further God’s Kingdom. God chose your friends to plant a church. He is going to use them for His purposes. Help them in every way.

Delegating tasks is a key to success in planting.  So, what about you?  Let’s talk about it.  How can YOU share the load?


2 thoughts on “Wednesdays Are For Women: Sharing the Load

  1. Ahhh…Excellent, practical and much needed advice Tricia…it is always the sideways energy (setting up, scheduling, promotion, etc.) that really depletes the lead pastor and his wife from the main mission…ie, to lead and equip the team. With team leaders taking on those roles and carrying the load, they can then focus more on spiritual growth and discipleship…

    Love your inspiring words friend!!


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