Relationship Rx

Each month I write an article for a local magazine, Up In Cumming.  This month’s issue highlighted an area some of us love and some of us dread:  home improvements.  I couldn’t resist using the theme as a springboard for improvements in another area of life.  Check it out:

Last month, my husband, Shawn, and I celebrated 18 years of marriage, and I honestly think that I have the best husband – the best marriage – around.   But, then again, a lot of people think that about my marriage.  It’s one of those crazy myths that come with the territory of being a Pastor’s wife.  Our life must be perfect, right?  No arguments.  No overlooked feelings.  Only happiness all the time.  Let me dispel that notion right now.  Our marriage is just like any other!  We have our up’s and down’s, but thank God the good times far outweigh the bad. While we certainly enjoy a great relationship, sprinkled throughout the years has been a little strife here and there. Like year one, which brought to the surface the need of putting each others’ desires first.  That was a back breaker.  Or, year 5 which brought the birth of our first child and the launch of Mountain Lake Church.  That was a demanding year.  Year 7 brought much tension and stress and the temptation to grow apart.  And, years 8 and 9 dealt us not one, but two miscarriages.

In our culture, any of these situations would have been grounds to throw in the towel.  Shawn and I are both strong
willed, independent people.  If we aren’t careful, conflicts, or even bad circumstances, can wreak havoc on our
relationship.  I have never understood why we can be so kind and polite to friends and neighbors (even strangers) but can shoot venom at our spouse. Yet, we are all guilty of it, aren’t we?  We must learn how to relate to one another, so conflict resolution is one of the cornerstones of my marriage relationship.  Here are a few of the things Shawn and I do when we disagree:

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