Girlfriends Mixer Review: Christmas Idea Swap

The Girlfriends of Mountain Lake usually meet on the first Thursday of the month at 10:00… the morning.  But, about once each quarter we host Girlfriends Mixers – night-time events designed to build and develop friendships.  So, last night the ladies got their groove on with a Christmas Idea Swap.

Christmas in September?  Yep.  Before you know it the heat of summer will be gone, we’ll be greeting trick or treaters at our doors and baking Thanksgiving feasts.  And, lo and behold, the Christmas Season will be here.  With all the craziness that the next few months will bring, many of us will be exhausted before December 1st even arrives.  So, last night we made our plans for the Christmas season in the hope that we’ll avoid some holiday stress, take advantage of teachable moments, and actually spend time worshiping our Savior as we celebrate His birth.

We chatted it up about seasonal decorations, thrifty gift ideas, parties, recipes, and of course, family traditions.  But, we didn’t just swap our secrets.  We went one step further.  We brainstormed ways to use our ideas to point our family and friends to Jesus.  We planned ways to use our decorations to serve as reminders of God and His story.  We plotted ways to leverage our parties to invest into people and build relationships.  We devised ways to use our thrifty gifts to bless people and invite them to church.  And, we chose some family traditions that will guide those closest to us to grow in their faith and understanding of God this Christmas season.

So we had fun.  With a purpose.  With our plans in place, we’ll not only enjoy every aspect of fun that December brings, we’ll honor and celebrate God…..maybe more than we ever have.

Do you have a plan in place for the most wonderful time of the year?  A little prep now might just mean a huge payoff for you and your family later.

Christmas in September?  Absolutely!



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